Tefal C6450642 Titanium Excel Frying Pan, Black Stone Effect, 28 cm


  • 24 x stronger Non-stick cookware
  • Ultra-resistant Titanium non-stick coating
  • Metal utensil-safe


Reinforced Titanium Excel pans last 24 times longer and is ultra-resistant to scratches. Featuring Tefal’s best-ever Titanium non-stick coating, which is reinforced with Titanium Particles. Extremely Versatile These aluminium pans warm up fast and distribute heat evenly, while the extra-deep sides make them extremely versatile. Fry, bake, stew – even cook rice. Plus, they’re great for batch cooking. For added versatility, the all-in-one pan set includes a vented glass lid, and stainless-steel steamer and skimmer. Easy to Use Tefal’s new generation Thermo-Spot heat indicator lets you know exactly when to start cooking for exquisite results, guaranteed. The range is also compatible with all heat sources, including induction, and is oven and dishwasher safe. 24 times stronger non-stick performance versus Tefal Intense non-stick coating. To prolong the life of your Tefal pan, handwashing is recommended. For dishwasher use, gentle detergents are preferable. Independent panel 2016 data, brand value sales, cookware category definition.

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