RenaSan Eye Drops 60ml – For dogs, cats, small and large pets, reptiles, poultry, avian & farm and all other animals


  • RenaSan Antiseptic Eye Drops; for the disinfection, cleansing and flushing of eyes for all animal species. UK and EU approved for veterinary use. Made in the UK.
  • Fast acting relief for sore, irritated, itchy or watery eyes in all animals and birds. Also, use to disinfect minor wounds around or near to eyes. Safe in and around the mouth and ears. pH neutral, non-sting. Safe if licked. Skin and tissue safe.
  • RenaSan Eye Drops is a revolutionary antiseptic eyewash utilising the active ingredient Hypochlorous which is a mild but super effective antiseptic and disinfectant also produced in human and animal bodies to kill germs. Our Hypochlorous products are in use daily in veterinary surgeries as well as livestock and poultry farms around the UK and worldwide.
  • Contains water, salt, (saline solution) and hypochlorous only. Contains no sodium hypochlorite (bleach), preservatives, alcohol or nasty chemicals.
  • Independently UK laboratory tested to 12 EN standards including EN1656 (Bactericidal) EN14476 (Virucidal), EN13697 (Fungicidal), EN13704 (Sporicidal). Beware of pet products that claim to be anti-bacterial, virucidal and/or fungicidal unless the manufacturer provides proof of EN tests. Many can’t!




Water, salt (saline solution), hypochlorous acid only.




Flush eye gently. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as recommended by your veterinarian. For daily maintenance use once daily or as needed.


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