Regina Seriously Soft Indulgent Toilet Tissue, 20 Rolls, Biodegradable Packaging


  • Regina Seriously Soft is the sustainable toilet tissue that has been optimised for maximum softness, providing three soft layers made with a superior emboss technology.
  • Features new Biodegradable and Compostable packaging which can be disposed of within household food waste or by simply adding to compost.
  • The FSC forest certification guarantees your Regina Seriously Soft Toilet Tissue is produced from certified raw materials obtained from responsibly managed forests and controlled sources.
  • Regina Seriously Soft Toilet Tissue is a product made by the Sofidel Group, an industry leader in the world of paper products, and partner of the WWF Climate Savers program to reduce CO2 emissions across the globe.
  • Note: Do not include individual product packaging with plastic recycling. This packaging complies with EN13432. The external packing bag is not biodegradable and should be disposed of in plastic recycling. We’re working on this.


Introducing our new Regina seriously soft. Optimized for maximum softness, seriously soft provides 3 layers made with a superior Emboss technology. Add a touch of luxury and comfort to your bathroom. These products also feature new biodegradable and compostable packaging.

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