Philips Avent Classic + Blue Feeding Bottle 260ml


  • The classic+ teats have a unique anti-colic valve to allow air into the bottle instead of your baby’s tummy
  • This bottle is leak-free for a truly enjoyable feeding experience
  • Comes with fewer parts, your bottle is easy to clean and assemble in no time
  • Fully compatible and interchangeable with the entire Philips Avent range
  • Made from BPA free material


Reduce colic with fussing and gas with the Philips Avent Classic+ feeding bottle

Reduce Colic with Fussing and Gas with the Philips Avent Classic+ Feeding Bottle

Since 1984, this bottle has been used and trusted by mums to prevent colic and keep their babies happy when feeding. Thirty years on and the bottle has been reinvented. Introducing the Philips Avent Classic+ Anti-Colic feeding bottles. The enhanced two-piece anti-colic system helps your baby to control milk similarly to when being breastfed, making Classic+ easy to use when combining both bottle and breastfeeding. The anti-colic valve on the teat opens to allow air into the bottle instead of your baby’s tummy and flexes to your baby’s feeding rhythm, minimising overeating, gas and spit-up. This anti-colic system is integrated into the teat, making the bottle easier to assemble and clean.

Philips Avent bottles and teats have been proudly made in the UK since 1984 and are designed with both baby and parent in mind. Through extensive research and clinical trials, Philips Avent products promote baby’s well-being and growth.

Philips Avent is delighted to be one of the highest recommended brand by UK Mums* with its products loved by Mums and Babies across the UK.

*Based on December 2011 TNS online satisfaction survey conducted among more than 36,000 female users of childcare brands and products worldwide.

How does Classic+ Work

Feeding bottles, no matter what size or shape, need air to replace the milk your baby consumes. When your baby drinks, a vacuum is formed in the bottle restricting the milk flow, causing frustration and more vigorous sucking – which leads to the baby taking in air. Most bottles overcome this problem by drawing air in via a small hole located on top of the teat- but this can interrupt the baby’s natural flow and sucking rhythm. Because the Classic+ system is integrated into the teat, it overcomes this issue, thereby reducing the risk of colic and fussing.

Unsettled and irritable behaviour, known as fussing, is by far the most commonly known crying behaviour in babies, but clinical studies show that the Philips Avent Classic+ bottle significantly reduces fussing and colic. The Philips Avent bottle was shown to significantly reduce fussing by approximately 28 minutes a day as compared to the comparator bottle. This was especially true during the night time.

Fussing: A clinical study showed that at two weeks of age, babies showed less fussing than babies fed with another leading bottle.

Colic: A clinical study showed that at two weeks of age babies fed with a Philips Avent bottle showed a trend to less colic than babies fed with a conventional bottle.

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