Nioxin System 6 Scalp Therapy Revitalizing Conditioner 300 ml


Strengthen and moisturise your hair with Nioxin’s 3-part System 6 Scalp Therapy Revitalising Conditioner for Chemically Treated Hair with Progressed Thinning. With its SmoothPlex technology, this professional hair care product helps retain moisture balance and smoothing control. Lightweight Nioxin’s density-protecting conditioner is specially indicated for chemically treated hair with progressed thinning and leaves it thicker, fuller-looking. Nioxin’s Scalp Therapy Revitalising Conditioner is the second step of a 3-part Nioxin treatment, designed to strengthen the hair and amplify hair structure.



Achieve noticeably smoother and denser-looking hair with the innovative NIOXIN3-part System 6 for Chemically Treated Hair with Progressed Thinning

This 3-part set of professional products provides a hair thickening treatment for hair with progressed thinning and helps cleanse, optimise and treat the hair and scalp. NIOXIN 3-part System6 with SmoothPlex technology reduces hair loss due to breakage and strengthens resilience against cuticle damage, leaving hair smoother and thicker, fuller-looking with vibrant colour.

Shampoo to Remove Follicle-Clogging Sebum

This professional shampoo is formulated with Pro-colour Shield technology to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues while restoring moisture level and colour protection.

Conditioner to Provide a Moisture Balance and Smoothing Control

Scalp Therapy Revitalising conditioner with Smooth Plex technology helps to restore the moisture level and provides smoothing control. It is specially indicated for a chemically treated hair (bleached, permed or straightened) with light-thinning and leaves it fuller-looking.

Treatment to Provide a Refreshed Scalp Environment

This professional product refreshes the scalp and gives a healthy shine to chemically treated hair. Thanks to the Scalp Access Delivery System 2.0 technology the volumising NIOXIN leave-on treatment provides thicker-looking hair by increasing the fullness of each hair strand.

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