Fairy Non-Bio Pods, Washing Liquid Laundry Detergent Tablets/Capsules, 108 Washes (54 x 2)


  • Extra softness for sensitive skin
  • Brilliant cleaning with new pre-treat cap for best laundry results
  • Awarded British Allergy Foundation Seal of approval
  • Place the pod directly into the empty drum before your laundry
  • Dermatologically tested


Discover the gentle care of Fairy Non-Bio Pods Washing Liquid Capsules, with the best softness Fairy Non-Bio has to offer. All Fairy Non-Bio Pods are in a pack with a Child Lock System, to keep them safe from children. It is no surprise that Fairy Non-Bio was voted No.1 brand for sensitive skin (Online panel of 3433 females aged 18-70)! Fairy Non-Bio Pods gently clean and wrap your family’s delicate skin in huggable softness.

Dermatologically tested, the Fairy Non-Bio range has been awarded the Skin Health Alliance seal. Independent tests have confirmed that clothes washed in Fairy are as kind next to the skin as clothes washed in water alone. Additionally, they include a special ingredient that will provide delightful softness to your clothes and so they will feel extra gentle on your skin.

Unlike washing powder or liquids, Fairy Non-Bio pods have a unique multi-compartment design to ensure that each ingredient is released into the wash at the right time. Each pod contains the right amount of detergent to leave laundry wonderfully clean and soft next to precious skin.

For best results, place Fairy Non-Bio Pods directly into the drum and add your clothes on top. Try the Fairy Softness Dream Team: Fairy Non-Bio Pods + Fairy Fabric Conditioner for the softest combination for sensitive skin.


>30% Anionic Surfactants, 5-15% Soap, <5% Non-Ionic Surfactants, Phosphonates, Optical Brighteners, Perfumes

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