BIC Kids Stationery Activity Set and Carrying Case – 64 Colouring Items (Colouring Pencils, Felt Pens and Crayons) with 36 Stickers – Assorted Colours


  • Keep boredom at bay with the BIC Kids colouring kit containing 24 colouring pencils, 24 felt pens, 16 crayons and 36 colouring stickers
  • This kit includes 12 ultra-washable BIC Kids Kid Couleur brightly coloured felt colouring pens with a sturdy tip that resists pressure
  • Also contains 24 BIC Kids Evolution colouring pencils, practical with their resistant lead and case made of wood-free no-splinter resin
  • With the 12 erasable BIC Kids Magic colouring pens and 2 erasers, children can correct their drawings or create beautiful artwork
  • Extra-clean and ultra-resistant, the 16 BIC Kids Plastidecor colouring crayons are ideal even for the youngest children


When they settle down for an afternoon of colouring, your children won’t notice the time flying by with the BIC Kids Activity Case. In addition to colouring pencils, it contains everything they need to free their creativity and play with multiple colouring techniques, all in a reusable box. This complete easy-to-carry box contains felt pens, colouring pencils, felt pens, colouring crayons and colouring stickers. With the 12 BIC Kids Kid Couleur felt pens,  they can be boldly creative in bright and contrasting colours. The tips of these colouring pens stay firm and they are ultra-washable thanks to water-based ink. The 24 BIC Kids Evolution colouring pencils have highly pigmented lead producing a high covering power. Constructed with synthetic wood-free resin (to prevent splintering), these colouring pencils have a solid and resistant lead. Special effects are guaranteed with the 12 BIC Kids Magic felt pens and their 2 ink correctors that can erase the 10 erasable colours: kids can blot out their mistakes in the blink of an eye or draw over the colours. Besides, the blocked tips are resistant to pressure when in use and the ink is also ultra-washable. The 16 BIC Kids Plastidecor colouring crayons are ideal for a first colouring experience: highly resistant and easy to shape. The 12 cm size makes them just right for little hands, and the lead is stronger than most round crayons to resist breakages from falls or pressure. The 36 colouring stickers included in the kit will delight budding artists wanting to decorate lots of surfaces. They’re going to have fun!

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